Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brandy Taylor's Crunchy Nipples

Brandy Taylor's big, succulent nipples.
Brandy Taylor's charms don't stop at her cute smile, sweet brown eyes or expansive bulbous boob-assembly (occasionally and grossly referred to as chest meat).

There's also the nipples.

Brandy's big, crunchy, toothpaste-cap, protruding mammalian tips are simply the biggest, nicest nips on the net.

That's not exagerating. You may like your booby babes a little thinner, or without hardcore, but nonetheless Taylor (or Talore, as her real name runs) has the most defined nipples around. 

On top of their significant size, her nipples are set upon two of the biggest, nicest-shaped boobs you can find online. Add to that, in this gallery, her awesome tan, offset by the grey shirt she's almost wearing, and you have pure boob ecstasy.

We'll talk about her multiple solo sites in another entry. For now, you can see Brandy Taylor at her best at

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