Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paolina And The Big Inverted Nipple Lust

Czech Beauty Paolina's very special inverted nipples. It can almost be called a niche within a niche - girls with big boobs and inverted nipples. They are rare, few and far between...

But even more rare is a beauty with that particular type of nipple. Errotica-Archives features, however, a grand blonde beauty (alright, she might be brunette but poses with blonde hair) they call Paolina whose nipples are terrifically internalized.

Who would have thought this is especially attractive? But it is... and not really anything ice cubes will defeat.

Paolina, by the way, is yet another amazing babe from the Czech Republic... what is it in the water over there?!?

You have often seen her, as Petra Mis, Strawberry Red, Sarah, Taylor, and apparently Cassie or Katja. But her most beautiful, erotic appearances have been with photographer Erro at his Errotica-Archives site.

Give it a visit and prove me wrong. You won't regret it.

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