Monday, September 8, 2008

Webcam Xev's Hi Def Bosoms

LCN Xev is a webcam girl with a big difference.LiveCamNetwork has a wide variety of hotties online at any time of day or night... but not always within the mandate of this blog.

But when they come along... boy, do they ever.

One case in point is boob cam girl Xev, who is apparently named after a character in Canadian Science Fiction show Lexx.

Now you have to understand one thing, the LiveCamNetwork motto is "talk nerdy to me", OK?

That means the LCN Girls are university and college students, brainy sci-fi nerds and various permutations of nerds.

They don't all wear specs, though, and they're usually in some pretty hot lingerie and expounding upon the virtues of various sex toys and positions. And flashing their boobs.

Find out what I mean and check out LCN Xev, who will be online next today the 8th of September at 5:00 PM EST for four hours (they schedule and stick to their schedules, which is appreciated).

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