Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FTV Danielle's Breasts of Fresh Air

This month marks the first year anniversary of DanielleFTV.com, home site of the most popular FTVGirls.com model.

A blue-eyed, fresh-faced young lady with impressive bazooms, Danielle is a native of Louisiana who grew up an Army Brat until settling in Arizona to finish high school and becoming a "First Time Video" model.

Danielle soon became the most popular FTV girl, and understandably earned her own solosite, which the 36D damsel has been running herself since.

Now in school studying to become - get ready for this - a forensic pathologist, she keeps updating her site and adding to it regularly, like clockwork.

Danielle is only 21, so she has a few years to go before she must drop the site (or will she?) and she needs the money to pursue her studies.

It looks like she's more than a flash in the hand... having been around this long, she's in it for the long haul, so do yourself - and her ripe boobs - a favor and check out DanielleFTV.com

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nubile Samantha's Knock-Out Knockers

Naughty, .Nubiles hottie Samantha is the kind of hot young babe you want to meet - and who you might even meet, if you lived in Russia.

A real girl-next-door type, with luscious lips and sexy tired-looking eyes and flaxen haiir, Samantha is a student who works part-time at a cafe.

Now of all the cute and sexy fascinating aspects of this Nubiles.net model, her most amazing are her big, soft, natural boobs.

From the way they hang and move, Samantha's cans can't be described as anything but knockers. Really. I mean, with the weight and size of these gorgeous young boobs, the way they hang and hold, they must knock together when she walks down the street or takes a shower or spreads it outdoors... because though they hang, they are firm, round and straight looking breasts.

By that I mean that they look right at you - her nipples, you know? Not one to the left or one to the right... nice, nubile, firm boobs on a lean, slim waist that won't fail to turn you into a very hard man indeed...

And what makes her even more of a turn-on is her general mentality. Beyond the cafe, Samantha "would like to work for human rights and humanitarian assistance."

I mean, how cool can you get? Definitely not your typical big breasted college student...

This Tequila tippler doesn't have her own web-site, though I wish she did, but it seems she really likes giving head - it actually turns her on. But for awesome big-boob video and photo galleries, Samantha can be found with a whole bunch of other young nubile babes - big boobs and not - at Nubiles.net, one of the best hot young babe sites out there...

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brittany's Hot Boobs (and Bod)

Naughty, . Alright alright what can I say? I'm a sucker for hot cute busty blondes after all,... I mean how could you not be sucked in by this cute Britanny chick - regardless of her boobs... which are, to say the least, absolutely spectacular!

But she's a cute and playful naughty honey to start with - look at that picture - I crack up everytime I look at it!Anyhow, like any new model (large natural breasts or not) there isn't much to learn about Brittany.

I can tell you what her site text says... which is basically that she was a young innocent chick with great boobs who was suggested to start a site...

Then there's a little bit about her nervousnes... "If you thought I was nervous about being in a bikini in the park, you have no idea! I jumped in the pool at this really nice hotel and was flashing my boobs hoping I wouldn't get caught!"

Whatever. The point is we'll learn more in time or from her site, and her actual boobalicious state is hypnotizing - she has great tits, to get down to brass tacks, and that qualifies her for The Best Breasts Blog, as far as I'm concerned...

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