Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love4Dream's Big Boobs In Motion

I know I just posted about busty Love4Dream's bounteous blessings, but I didn't have the video.

Without further ado, and before the thing is taken down from DailyMotion, here it is - just click the arrow and sit back and... whatever.

I will try to get more videos of more babes with big tits on The Best Breasts Blog from now on...

The earlier post features a list of links to Love4Dream galleries and videos, as well as the site where she's featured.

Feel free to comment!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love4Dream's Enormous Natural Ebony Boobs

Love4Dream's enormous, perfect natural breasts.I saw this gorgeous chocolate brown half-Haitian beauty and nearly fell off my chair...

Beyond her golden skin, her cute chubby cheek grin, the thick curly russet hair, or her strong, trim hips and firm thighs and graceful legs... beyond that awesome butt... there's her boobs.

Love4Dream has perfect, rapturous, round firm and large breasts which are both the most and the least of this overall incredible model's assets, apparently discovered by French photographer Louis De Mirabert.

De Mirabert has started a site featuring hot models made hotter, sexier, more sensuous and sexual by virtue of his incredible talent with a camera.

Most of the models here are quite hot, and some also big juggy women in girl-girl sets with Love4Dream, but the highlight herself is in photo at the left.

Someone as ripe and nubile as this 19 year-old French-Haitian ebony goddess comes off even more explosively sexy in De Mirabert's moody, dark-lit photos and videos, and the French girl's charms are put to the highest possible advantage in solo, two-girl and a couple sets with hunky muscular guys.

I'll leave off here for her to put out more content before an update, and will meanwhile devote myself to deeper, serious research on her work and identity... heheheheh.

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